Artist Statement

As a cultural connector, I aspire to increase access; to have more people and neighbourhoods accessing arts activity; more creators in every art form accessing presentation opportunities; and more local, national and international  artists accessing opportunities to converge. My curatorial philosophy is centred in cultivating connections between artists and audiences that are marginalized. I challenge formal categorizations of art (contemporary vs. traditional vs. classical) with a view that, though we carry centuries of culture within us, it is impossible to be an artist living and creating in the present day and develop new work that is not contemporary. Cultural roots need not be seen or experienced as restraints on either the artist or audience: they provide a rich historical and technical grounding from which contemporary expression emanates. I program work created by artists who hold this understanding and share their works with audiences at all levels of fluency in artistic languages. In so doing, I aim to demonstrate how art has the power to illuminate our collective experiences, regardless of background or environment. It is in this spirit that I design my programs.